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On this page I summarize my personal traits and the most important facts of my life. This is the page intended to someone who would want to familiarize with me, Victor Porton.

Formal data

I was born in 1980 in the city Perm, Russia.

I moved to Israel 6 Jun 2007.

My religion and conflict

I became a born again Christian 8 Aug 1995.

I became very zealous. But my study of the Gospel has lead me to self-contradictory results.

Being founded on a wrong theology, my life has become a conflict. A conflict with people, conflict with myself, conflict with the country of my living, Russia.

I was living in extreme poverty and conflict with everyone.

In 2006 my religious views drastically changed. I realized that the main idea of Gospel is end of Gospel. Gospel terminates itself. See my book End of Gospel for my new theology. With this new foundation I exited from the conflict.

My research and education

From the childhood I was interested in mathematics and physics.

While learning in a school I was often winning math and physics competitions.

I joined a physics faculty of a university without exams thanks my winnings in competitions. After a year of study I decided to move into math faculty, out of sight, what I have succefully done.

I have not finished the university. Don't ask me why. I was in conflict with the world. I was believing that I must become a religious servant and travel to Africa. Short answer: I left the university because of fear of religious discrimination. Longer answer: Because having that time self-contradictory philosophy, I struggled with myself and to win need to be weaker.

I was doing some math research in the first few courses of the university. Later believing that I should deny my old life to become a priest I discontinued my research and even erased some files with my mathematical writing.

Years later, returning to mathematics I developed my theory further and created a site with my math articles and a draft research monograph. (One of my articles is now in peer review by a math journal, as of 9 Dec 2010.)

I am also interested in programming and Linux. I know several programming languages.

My work

I attempted to start a shareware programming business from absolute zero. I was even unable to pay for internet access via an analog modem. (Parents were refusing to help me.)

While yet learning in a university I hired to a programming job in a small electronics company.

I fired from that job expecting that I will win in my own business.

But I failed it thanks to my self-contradictory philosophy which was my foundation.

After moving to Israel I hired to a part time Web programming job.

Now I feel I have enough money for all my basic needs but I would to have money without the need to serve a boss.

I hope to win Abel Prize and cease to work for a boss.


My activities

My disabilities

I am completely unable:

I am almost unable:

In the sight of my eyes float some lines and little circles, a little disturbing my vision. (Very rarely I confuse these floating objects with flies.) Medicine calls this eye floaters.

I pull up zero times.

Extraordinary facts about me

While being a teenager I for a limited amount of time was transformed into a superman with computer brain. Read this chapter of my book about my transformatiom.

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